Odisha FC

We began life as the Delhi Dynamos in the Indian Super League but, after signing a historic with the government of Odisha, we began a new story on the beautiful eastern coast of India with a 15,000 seater stadium in 2019

Odisha has a population of over 40 million people and we are the only top-flight club in the state. Odisha FC is wholly owned by GMS inc - the world's largest cash buyer of ships for recycling. We belive in nurturing young talent to help them succeed and have a vision of producing India's greatest foorball stars future.

The Odisha region is rich in culture and history with a heritage in mining locally, the Odisha fanbase is one of artistic expression and is already fanatically following Odisha FC.

Odisha FC’s Vision & Mission

Odisha FC aims to be the torchbearer in promoting & nurturing young talent & providing them with the opportunity to play at the highest level.

Creating a strong community of fans in Odisha, in India & globally that is cued into the club vision & mission.

To be one of the leading clubs in Asia that is known respected for its affinity towards youth in both the Men’s & Women’s games.

Creating a vibrant & new age brand image that represents the club globally.

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The Juggernauts not only support the club and the players on the pitch, but they organize various events to unite more people and help society grow. They aim to establish their footprint on the local footballing scenario and manifest their community social responsibilities to connect with more fans.

The Juggernauts battle against the stigma of gender discrimination and attempt to break the barriers and lend support to the Pride movement. Even though they received skeptical responses, it did not stop them from launching the campaign and becoming one of the first fan clubs in India to openly support the Pride campaign and work closely towards integrating sports and the LGBTQ+ community.

Juggernauts not only tackle social issues but also planted 100 trees on their one-year anniversary, a friendly celebration but also a wise technique to tackle climate change. They also organized Odisha's first-ever OMC Tour-de-Ekamra Cyclothon 2020-21 with the idea of promoting health and physical wellness as well as inspiring people to reduce their carbon footprints by taking up cycling as a viable means of commute. The event saw a whopping 750+ participants and is headed for a recurring cycle every year.